Welcome to the new improved blog for Simplicity by jme.  I know that I have had several sites and I have restarted this blog a thousand times, but let me explain.  I have used Tumblr for the past month and have had issues with it.  I am not sure whether this is the site or with my computer, but I have had pop-ups containing those scam viruses that say that rthey are from Microsoft and my computer will be locked unless I call (insert random 800 number here).  I didn't want to have anyone else affected by this by continuing to use that site.  So, here we are. 

I think that it is better to use a blog on the same page as my shop anyway.  Not only does it make sense for myself, as I don't have to remember twelve different sites and logins, but you don't have to jump from place to place.  Everything, short of my social media pages, is right here.   I think it will make for a better experience of shopping Simplicity by j.m.e.

So, until next time.  Have a wonderful day!